New blog layout and Kindle Paperwhite

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As you can see, I’ve updated my blog to use pure Jekyll instead of Jekyll Bootstrap. The main reason for the change was the lack of updates of Jekyll Bootstrap. But, since blogging process and structure was the same, I just decide to use plain Jekyll. In order to get this beautiful layout, I google for some templates and find Poole, a ready template for Jekyll blogs.

Kindle Paperwhite

Two weeks ago, I’ve bought a Kindle Paperwhite for reading ebooks and articles in pdf. All that I can say is it worth a buy. The gadget is lightweight and process pdf’s in a perfect way. So, if you want to buy a tablet to read articles in pdf format, forget it! Buy a Kindle, since it is cheaper and, to read, works better than a tablet.

Together with Kindle, I’ve bought a Category theory book by Harold Simmons. I’m planning to start a post series on implementing category theory in Agda, as a way to consolidate my understanding of this topic.