Maniac Spring

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Inspired by Brent Yourgey’s post, I’ve decided to setup not a Maniac week, but a Maniac Spring! The idea is just to eliminate as many distractions as possible, and just work (yes, I’ll reduce coffee time…).

I’m planning to finish the following set of objectives this fall:

  • Work on some unpublished results of my thesis.
  • Supervise two students to produce publishable results.
  • Continue to write a discrete mathematics book, for the classes that I teach on UFOP.
  • Prepare my classes of Discrete Mathematics and Formal Language Theory.
  • Continue to study dependently typed languages, specially Agda.
  • Study the Holy Trinity of computer science. Yes, this is a very crazy objective. I have some videos and tons of materias about these. Let’s use it now!

Later, I’ll post a schedule that I’ll follow during this fall and regularly update the progresses I’ve made in this blog.

Let’s see if this idea of a maniac period of time works for me…